Other Services

In addition to marketing livestock we offer support services covering the following areas:


> Business Advice

The team at Yorkshire Farmers are in a very strong position to understand your business and the industry as a whole. Their wealth of experience and knowledge spans the entire supply chain, from farming through to product retail. We monitor any changes, and likely changes, to enable us and our members to keep one step ahead wherever possible.

We can offer pertinent and practical advice on:

  • Budgeting
  • Breeding Stock
  • Buildings
  • Destocking and restocking


> Environmental Permits 

We offer a bespoke support service to assist you with Environmental Permit Applications and Variations for:

  • Intensive Livestock Farming – pigs and poultry
  • Other farm-related waste production (e.g. biodigester), or waste spreading, requiring a permit

The level of support is tailored to your specific requirements – whether you want support throughout the whole process; with maintaining compliance post-application; or only want help with a few key documents.


> Assurance Standards 

We offer a service to support livestock enterprises with assurance schemes (pigs, beef, dairy, sheep and poultry)

  • Pre-audit support service tailored to your requirements
  • We can help with new applications, streamlining of paperwork and annual updates pre-audit


> Other Industry Audits

As Yorkshire Farmers are involved in all parts of the supply chain, including farming their own pigs, we have detailed knowledge of the regulations and requirements in the industry. In addition to assurance scheme audits, farms typically face a range of other inspections and audits and are sometimes given only short notice before a visit. We can offer:

  • a pre-audit support service to help organise the paperwork, reducing stress on the day of the audit
  • a visit at any point in the year to discuss what different regulations, customer requirements and schemes affect your unit (we can create a simple checklist which streamlines all the requirements to what is relevant to you, without unnecessary duplication of forms and policies)