Technical Services

We want to give farmers the option of a number of services from just one phone call. It follows the same principle as our core business of livestock marketing which has always aimed to make it easier for farmers to run their businesses. 

Our professional and proactive approach to assurance has also added further to our relationships with customers at the other end of the chain. They know they have a trusted point of reference. 

Farm assurance


Hello, my name is Lizzie Bentley and I specialise in supporting farmers with the requirements under Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR).

The following are the main areas I cover:

  • Intensive rearing of Pigs and Poultry
  • Mobile plant for land spreading permits and deployments
  • Anaerobic digestion
  • Water abstraction
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Management plans for Odour, Noise, Bioaerosols, Pests
  • Environmental and Climate Change Risk Assessments

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any agriculture-related environmental projects. The level of support is tailored to your specific requirements – whether you want support throughout the whole process; with maintaining compliance post-application; or only want help with a few key documents.

The goal in all projects, is to provide you with a practical, useable, system suitable for your unique set-up and requirements. 

Working in this area day-to-day, ensures that we keep up to date with changes and the latest guidance.

Our technical services are not restricted to members and we offer very competitive rates for our services to all clients. There are also members-only discounts available to trading members. Please contact me to discuss fees. 

Contact: or ring the office on 01653 697941.


Producer Tim Bradshaw said:

“Running a family business and being a member of the AHDB board, I totally rely on Lizzie to sort through my files and to guide me through any new or updated standards. She has also helped me through two variations of the IPPC permit.”

Producer Frank Tobin couldn’t recommend Yorkshire Farmers more highly.

“As a company we have used Yorkshire Farmers for a variety of projects and have always found them to be very efficient and effective.  In particular, in order to comply with our environmental management systems, they have carried out all our risk assessments and have been the point of contact for Environment Agency permits.  They keep tight control of our farm EPR folder to ensure that farm inspections progress smoothly.”

Farm assurance

Hello, my name is Dan Ramsden and I specialise in farm assurance.

This is an area that is only going to become more important, but every farm business is different. 

We can gap-analyse your scheme requirements, to prepare a farm assurance manual that is bespoke to the requirements relevant to your business. This ensures that any records you keep comply with all applicable standards and you are not duplicating information unnecessarily. 

By keeping you up to date with changes and current guidance, we can give you the best possible chance of avoiding non-conformances.

The system we have in place is the same for every farm we run and therefore much easier to manage. Our practical and streamlined system avoids regularly having to retrace steps or hunt out records ready for audits. 

I understand both sides of the role, having had plenty of practical experience on different types of farm – most recently with pigs as a general farm worker and a fieldsman. I then spent a few years as a Red Tractor assurance auditor, which included some auditing of supermarkets’ bolt-on schemes. 

I’ve seen hundreds of different farms in my previous roles and hope I can draw on what I’ve learned to help farmers in whatever way I can. Working with people and helping them to improve is something I enjoy and a big part of this job.

We want to help farmers be prepared for a spot inspection and give them confidence so that assurance and auditing doesn’t seem so daunting.  

Contact: or ring the office on 01653 697941